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February Highlights: Advanced Plugin Upgrades, Exciting Widget Additions, and Essential Fixes Unveiled in the Latest Update!

Step into the spotlight of our latest release roundup, as we unveil an eagerly anticipated compilation of refined features, innovative additions, and crucial bug fixes. This blog post is your guide to the recent strides in our core plugin and the widgets designed to elevate your Elementor adventure. Get ready to delve into the intricacies of our most recent updates, crafted to enhance and enrich your website-building expedition.

Version 1.5.95

  • Feature: Added an option for “time_ago_short” in timelines, displaying a shorter version of minutes and hours text.
  • Feature: Added defaults for the weather widget.
  • Fix: Corrected hourly weather fields.
  • Fix: Resolved the issue with the import of images functionality.
  • Fix: Set default timeout for remote requests.
  • Fix: Addressed the problem of image duplication when importing templates.

New Widgets in Version 1.5.95

  • Smooth Scroll – The Smooth Scroll widget enhances scrolling on Elementor websites, creating a seamless transition between page sections. It ensures gentle and natural scroll flow, perfect for engaging audiences with scroll-triggered animations.
  • Layers – Effortlessly layer images, text, shapes, and icons on your Elementor pages with the Image Layers widget, a straightforward solution for precise positioning and design flexibility.
  • Currency Converter – Easily convert currencies with our intuitive Currency Converter widget. Stay updated on real-time exchange rates and effortlessly calculate conversions on your website.
  • Job Listing – Effortlessly post detailed job listings using the Job Listing widget for Elementor. Attract potential candidates and simplify the recruitment process by showcasing a wide range of positions, breaking through geographical barriers, and emphasizing the required qualifications and skills for each role.
  • Star Rating Field – The Star Rating Field widget is a tool for users to give star ratings, perfect for collecting feedback on experiences, opinions, or products.
  • Scale Field – The Scale Field widget captures agreement or sentiment levels for a question or statement. Users can rate or evaluate on a scale, typically from 1 to 10 or similar structures.

Widgets Improvements in Version 1.5.95

Post Grid (Pro)

  • Feature: Implemented ‘Category Vertical Offset’ option.
  • Feature: Implemented ‘Category Alignment’ option.
  • Feature: Implemented ‘Text Custom Field’ option.
  • Feature: Introduced a new value for ‘Meta Data Position’ option called ‘Before Title’.
  • Feature: Introduced ‘Date Modified’ options.

Timer Countdown Banner (Pro)

  • Feature: Added ‘Direction’ option to support RTL (Right-to-Left) layout websites.

Dynamic Post Popup (Pro)

  • Feature: Implemented ‘Hide Vertical Scrollbar in Popup’ option.
  • Feature: Introduced Entrance Animation functionality for the popup.

Remote Link (Pro)

  • Feature: Introduced active state for the link.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where the Text Shadow option was erroneously interpreted as Box Shadow.

Side Menu (Pro)

  • Feature: Implemented ‘Menu Padding’ option.

Thumbnail Slider (Pro)

  • Feature: Introduced ‘Multi Source’ option.

Unlimited Google Maps (Pro)

  • Feature: Implemented ‘Disable Map Interaction On Mobile’ option.
  • Feature: Introduced options to customize Maps Controls icons’ color and background color.

Post Timeline (Pro)

  • Feature: Implemented ‘Time Ago Type’ option.
  • Feature: Implemented ‘Add Link For The Whole Item’ option.
  • Feature: Implemented ‘Link Type’ option for all link elements in the widget.

Post Horizontal Timeline (Pro)

  • Feature: Introduced Background Color and Icon Color options for Navigation Arrows in disabled mode.

Interactive Circle Infographic (Pro)

  • Feature: Implemented ‘Selected Item Number’ option.

Loop Carousel (Pro)

  • Feature: Implemented ‘Stage Padding’ option.

Unlimited Timeline (Free)

  • Feature: Introduced option to display the image on the opposite side of the content.
  • Feature: Introduced ‘Content Box Link’ option.
  • Improvement: Made ‘Title Spacing’ option responsive.
  • Fix: Optimized item HTML code.
  • Fix: Optimized CSS code.

Icon Carousel (Pro)

  • Feature: Introduced ‘Autoplay Pause on Hover’ option.

Text Field (Free)

  • Feature: Added ‘Read Only’ option.

Timeline Bullets (Free)

  • Feature: Introduced ‘Text Color’ option for Hover and Active state of Title and Text elements.

Unlimited Charts (Pro)

  • Feature: Introduced ‘Radar Range’ option for Radar chart.

Testimonial Carousel (Pro)

  • Feature: Added ‘Rating’ field to the Source option.

Multi Step Form (Pro)

  • Feature: Introduced ‘Direction’ option.

Post List (Free)

  • Feature: Implemented ‘Title Padding’ option.
  • Feature: Implemented ‘Space Between Categories’ option.

Memory Game (Pro)

  • Feature: Introduced ‘Add Completion Time to Form Field’ option.

Image Scroll (Pro)

  • Improvement: Improved ‘Link’ option.

Unlimited Grid (Pro)

  • Feature: Implemented ‘Overlay Color Hover’ option.

Woo Mini Cart (Pro)

  • Improvement: Added separate border options for ‘View Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ buttons.

Content Tabs (Free)

  • Improvement: Modified behavior of ‘Start Collapsed’ option when used with ‘Set Hash’.

Dropdown Button (Pro)

  • Improvement: Removed Text Decoration CSS property from dropdown items.

Swipe Carousel (Pro)

  • Improvement: Modified ‘Enable Link’ option.

Submit Button (Free)

  • Fix: Corrected default values in email 2 that were leading to validation errors.

Post Carousel Lite (Free)

  • Fix: Addressed issue where the carousel was not displaying on mobile devices.

Post Magazine Grid (Pro)

  • Fix: Added ‘raw’ tag to category names to fix the display issue where the ‘&’ symbol in category names was not displaying correctly.

Icon Tabs (Pro)

  • Fix: Resolved issue with the ‘Start Collapsed’ option.

Before After (Pro)

  • Fix: Improved widget interaction with Elementor’s Popups.

Grid Gallery (Pro)

  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the widget was not extending to full width within Elementor Container.

Scroll Sequence (Pro)

  • Fix: Revised and improved descriptions of the widget fields for better clarity.

Particle Image (Pro)

  • Fix: Added protection from lazy load.

In a nutshell, this update makes our plugin even better! We’ve fixed bugs, added cool features, and made improvements across different widgets. Get ready for a smoother and more versatile experience! 🚀

If you already have these widgets installed, please note that to access the new updates mentioned in this article, you will need to reinstall them. Simply delete the widget from your library and reinstall it to ensure that you benefit from the latest enhancements and fixes. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to providing you with even more exciting updates in the future. Happy website building!

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