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Side Menu Widget for Elementor

Create advanced WordPress menus with Elementor Side Menu widget. Complete control over styling for every element along with various menu layouts. 

Choose Template
Side Menu for a Community Website
Side Menu for a Community...
Side Menu for an Architecture Website
Side Menu for an Architecture...
Side Menu for a Travel Website
Side Menu for a Travel Website
Side Menu of a Medical Website
Side Menu for a Medical Website
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Menu Settings

Elevate Your Website Navigation

Discover the Elementor Side Menu widget – easy-to-use with extensive customization. Quickly create advanced multi-level WordPress menus, taking full control of styling and layouts.

Menu Style

Create Exceptional Menu Designs

Transform menus effortlessly in minutes with our customizable options, including typography, backgrounds, colors, and more. Unlock the potential for stunning designs with ease.

Menu Elements

Tailor Your Elementor Side Menu with Precision

In the Elementor Side Menu widget, customize every aspect with ease. Toggle on or off sections like WordPress Menu, Menu Title, Search Bar, Action Buttons, Overlay, Toggle Button, and Close Button to achieve your ideal layout.

Responsive Menu

Transform Mobile Navigation

Effortlessly tailor your Elementor Side Menu to perfection by adjusting settings for each screen resolution. Elevate your mobile experience with unmatched flexibility and customization.

Multi-Level Menu

Mastering Multi-Level Menus with Elementor

Explore the versatility of our Multi-Level Menu functionality, where you can craft a seamless navigation experience with depth. Design each level to perfection, ensuring a hierarchy that suits your website’s unique structure.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Side Menu Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

Menu Settings

Build the Perfect Side Menu

Unlock a world of possibilities as you explore the versatile settings to create an amazing side menu.

Menu Depth

Set the number of visible sub-menu levels (up to 3).

Menu Side

Choose whether the side menu opens on the left or right.

Menu Open Speed

Adjust the animation speed of the menu in seconds.

Show Overlay

Overlay for a contrasting background on the website.

Show Arrows for Parents

Display indicators for menu items with sub-items.

Close on Body Click

Automatically close the menu when clicking outside it.

Push Content On Open

Move website content when the menu opens.

Clickable Parent Items

Decide if parent items are clickable or just indicators.

Expand All On Start

Expand all parent items to show sub-items initially.


Choose from various hover effects for menu items.

Open Menu on Load

Start with the menu open when the page loads.

Disable Scroll

Prevent scrolling the page when the menu is open.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Elementor side menu widget?

Before After widget is a great tool that allows users to showcase the difference between two images by sliding or dragging a divider between them and is commonly used for visual comparisons, such as showcasing image retouching or displaying before and after results.

How can I customize sub-menu depth in Elementor's side menu widget?

You can easily customize the depth of sub-menus in Elementor by adjusting the "All Depths" setting, allowing you to control how many levels of sub-menus are displayed, up to three levels.

What does the Menu Side setting determine in Elementor's side menu widget?

In Elementor, the "Menu Side" setting determines whether the side menu widget opens on the left or right side of your website, providing flexibility in design and layout.

How do I control the animation speed of the Elementor side menu widget?

Use the "Menu Open Speed (sec)" setting to adjust the animation speed of the side menu in Elementor, allowing you to create a seamless and visually appealing user experience.

How can I indicate parent items with sub-items in Elementor's side menu widget?

Enable the "Show Arrows for Parents" setting in Elementor to display indicators for menu items that have sub-items, providing a clear and intuitive navigation experience for users.

Explain the Push Content On Open feature in Elementor's side menu widget.

The "Push Content On Open" feature in Elementor creates a dynamic push effect, moving the website content to make room for the side menu when it opens, enhancing the overall visual appeal and engagement on your site.

Is the side menu a free widget?

No, the side menu widget is not a free feature. It requires the Pro version of Unlimited Elements to be installed and activated on your WordPress website in order to access the widget and its full range of functionalities.