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Layers Widget for Elementor

Effortlessly layer images, text, shapes, and icons on your Elementor pages with the Image Layers widget, a straightforward solution for precise positioning and design flexibility.

Choose Template
Layers for Food Recipe Items
Layers for Food Recipe Items
Layers with Version Release Details
Layers with Version Release...
Layers with a Timer Countdown
Layers with a Timer Countdown
Layers with Vehicle Features as Icon Bullets
Layers with Vehicle Features...
Layers with Icon Bullets
Layers with Icon Bullets
Frame 192
Online Classes Full Menu
Frame 192 (10)
Weather Forecast with Vector...
Side Menu for a Travel Website
Side Menu for a Travel Website
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Master Pixel-Perfect Layer Layouts

Unleash your creativity with the freedom to design pixel-perfect layer layouts. Effortlessly customize layers in the items section by adding, removing, duplicating, or rearranging, allowing you to achieve the perfect composition. Choose from a variety of versatile types including images, icons, shapes, and text. Let your imagination soar!


The Layers Widget Advantage

Ditch outdated techniques like negative margins, our Layers Widget is the answer. Use the position tab to effortlessly align images with precision. No more struggles with mobile responsiveness or pixel-perfect editing. Just drag the slider handlebar and perfect your layout instantly.


Choose Parallax or Motion Magic

You have the choice to select between two types of effects. The first option is a parallax effect that adjusts the layer based on the movement of the mouse on the page. The second option is a motion effect that animates the layer in a continuous looping motion.


Optimize Layers for Any Screen Size

Simplify responsive design with our handy responsive settings, giving you control over layer visibility on various screen resolutions. Effortlessly enhance the user experience on mobile devices by easily hiding specific layers with just a dropdown selection.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Layers Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.