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Image Scroll Widget for Elementor

Elevate your image display effortlessly with the Image Scroll Widget. This feature enables a seamless vertical scroll, smoothly moving images from top to bottom as users hover over them.

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Scroll Direction

Enhance your widget experience with the ability to customize scroll direction effortlessly. Seamlessly adjust the scroll direction to suit your preferences, ensuring smooth and intuitive navigation tailored to your needs.

Widgets used in the section above: Image Scroll

Click to Trigger Scroll

Elevate the scroll experience with the versatility of click or hover triggers. Effortlessly navigate through content by either clicking or hovering.

Widgets used in the section above: Image Scroll

Why Should You Use the Image Scroll Widget?

Compact Display For E-Commerce Products

Image scroll widgets allow you to display multiple images in a confined space, which can be especially useful when you have limited screen real estate.

Help Your Visitors with Efficient Navigation

Image scroll widgets provide a convenient way for users to navigate through a collection of images without having to load separate pages or screens for each image. 

Improve User Engagement with Image Scroll widget

Interactive elements like Image Scroll widgets can increase user engagement by encouraging users to interact with your application or website.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Image Scroll Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Image Scroll widget for Elementor?

An Image scroll widget offers a dynamic and interactive method to display a diverse range of products, portfolio items, or articles on an e-commerce platform or content-rich website.

Can I choose between horizontal and vertical layouts for the Image Scroll?

Absolutely! The Image Scroll provides the flexibility to choose between horizontal and vertical layouts.

Can I add an Overlay Icon to the Image Scroll?

Yea, within the Image Scroll interface, you can add an icon to the Overlay effect.  Add an icon settings you can customize size, color, and shadow for great convenience.

Can I add hover or click interactions to the Image Scroll Widget?

Yes, you can! The Image Scroll allows you to effortlessly add hover or click image triggers.

Is the Image Scroll responsive?

Yes, the Image Scroll is fully responsive. you can decide when the layout transitions from horizontal to vertical. Additionally, you can customize sizes for various devices, ensuring optimal display and user experience across a range of screen sizes.

Is the Image Scroll a free widget?

No, the Image Scroll is not a free widget. It requires the purchase of the Unlimited Elements Pro plugin version for full access to its features and functionalities.