Background Widgets

Add Movement to Your Pages

Create Amazing Animated Backgrounds Effects in Seconds

Revolutionize Your Website With Animated Backgrounds

Welcome to a new era of web design! Immerse your visitors in an interactive and visually captivating journey with our cutting-edge Animated Backgrounds collection.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

Animated backgrounds bring life to your website, making it more interesting and unforgettable with dynamic visual elements.

Engaging Interaction

Animated features encourage users to actively interact with your site, enhancing the overall experience for more enjoyment and exploration. 

Creative Brand Expression

Animated backgrounds allow you to express your brand's personality in a fun and distinctive way, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Powerful Animated Backgrounds Library

Awesome designed animated backgrounds that you can download with one click from the background widget library and apply to any container.

Animated Gradient Background

Smoothly shift between three colors in a diagonal gradient, adding a horizontal motion for a visually dynamic effect.

Morph Background Slider

Create unique Elementor backgrounds with noise, displacement, blend, and color mix transitions using a WebGL-based image slider widget.

Masks & Patterns Background

Build awesome visual effects by combining masks, patterns, images, videos, gradients, and slideshows with straightforward settings.

Parallax Background

Add captivating depth and motion to your web design. Create stunning parallax scrolling effects effortlessly in just minutes.

Particles Background

Small, animated graphical elements, often dots or shapes, that move or react dynamically on the background of any webpage.

Snow Flakes Background

Bring the holiday spirit to your Elementor website with the Snow Background widget, offering a customizable animated snowfall effect.

Random Background

Set a random background image or background color on every page load from a chain of items you have added beforehand.

Clouds Background

Immerse your Elementor containers in a serene atmosphere with the Clouds Background widget, as gentle clouds move horizontally in smooth motion.

Animated Ripples Background

Add a mesmerizing touch to your containers with the Animated Ripples Background widget, featuring ripples expanding gracefully from a corner.

Snow Background

Customizable snow effects, diverse particle types, and interactive features for a stunning winter ambiance easily added to any container.

Background Slider

Multi source background slideshow for any Elementor container. Transition slides with multiple entrance and exist animations.

Smoke Background Effect

Smoke animation effect that helps you bring life to your website. It provides an eye-catching liquid animation effect that draws attention.

Fireworks Background

Dazzling and customizable fireworks background effects with various settings, bringing a festive touch to your website design.

Sliding Diagonals Background

Smooth transitions between four overlaying colors with varying transparencies, adding dynamic movement to backgrounds.

Blob Background Animation

Organic looking shapes connect, disconnect, and move randomly, creating a dynamic backdrop with customizable colors.

Moving Stripes Background

Dynamic diagonal stripes in horizontal motion with two colors for a visually engaging Moving Stripes Background Animation.

Huge Shapes Background

Giant geometric shapes in four colors float randomly, creating an impactful and dynamic look and feel to your web design elements.

Confetti Background

Transform your pages with festive flair! Easily customize and incorporate dynamic confetti effects for a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere.

Waves Animation Background

Full-screen animated shape divider with flowing waves, evoking the sensation of water or drifting clouds on your website.

Diamond Pattern Background

Grid of diamonds in a two-color palette, gracefully moving both horizontally and vertically for dynamic visual appeal.

Retro Blocks Background

Overlapping rectangles in four colors with varied opacities create a grid movement, swaying randomly both horizontally and vertically.

Bokeh Background

Random soft lights in various colors float effortlessly, creating a visually enchanting and atmospheric design element.

Star Background

Twinkling stars scattered across, adding a celestial touch for an enchanting and captivating visual experience.

Bubble Float Background

Bubbles gracefully drifting, creating a whimsical and captivating visual backdrop with a touch of playfulness on your website.

Let's get started!

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use Background Widgets with our easy video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

Foreground & Background

Layering Creativity

In fact, these effects can seamlessly integrate into the foreground of each container, adding a dynamic touch to the forefront of your content. Whether it’s snow, confetti, or other visual delights, their versatility goes beyond traditional background roles

Full Page Backgrounds

Dynamic Backgrounds Across Your Whole Website!

These cool backgrounds aren’t just for containers. You can choose to spread them across your whole design by choosing a full-page layout in the settings. It makes your website look awesome and puts these fun elements everywhere.

Custom Background Widgets

Craft Personalized Backgrounds with the Widget Creator!

Didn’t find what you were looking for? You can create a custom background widget using the widget creator by following the video below.