Loop Builder

Build Dynamic Websites Easily

Create loop displays easily by drag and drop.

Loop Items

Build Versatile Loop Items Easily

Create dynamic Loop Items using any widget inside the Theme Builder. Add the widget of your choice and effortlessly populate it with dynamic content to create versatile Loop Items.

Insert Custom Fields

Create Items with Any Data Imaginable

Craft complex loop items tailored to your specific needs by utilizing custom fields. Incorporate different data types with plugins like ACF, Toolset, and Pods to create truly customized and dynamic loop layout displays.

Loop Filters

Instant, Real-time Results with Dynamic Filters!

Incorporate dynamic filters to elevate the presentation of loop items and provide instant, real-time results. Enjoy compatibility across the board—every filter widget works with any loop widget.

Dynamic Popup

Boost Your Site's Usability with Loop Item Quick Views

Dynamically create a popup to add a quick view of the loop items without leaving the page. Utilize the dynamic popup button within each loop item to trigger a quick view.

Loop, Display & Layout

Show your loop items in a variety of interactive layouts including grids, carousels, sliders, accordions, and tabs.

Advanced Post & Product Query

Make it easier for your website visitors to find what they’re looking for. Easily query and display posts or products with advanced rules anywhere on your Elementor website.

Custom Query

Present posts generated from advanced dynamic include and exclude rules.

Current Post Query

Create an archive page or blog page based on the link the user is viewing.

Related Posts

Display a selection of posts that are related or relevant to the currently viewed post.

Manual Posts Selection

Choose the specific posts you want to show on the page by name.

Display Content Dynamically Using Any Post Type

Enhance your website effortlessly with diverse content in loop widgets. Choose any content type for a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Custom Post Types

Add any type of content to your website using custom post types.

WordPress Posts

Use WordPress posts to showcase any type of content on your website. 

WordPress Pages

Create loops even from content populated by your WordPress pages.

Woo Products

Make e-commerce loops using data from your Woo products.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create your custom loop layouts inside Elementor. 

Loop Builder 2 Step Process to Create Loop Layouts Easily

Build, Populate & Display Loop Widgets

Step 1

Build Loop Item

Easily create your loop item template by simply dragging and dropping widgets inside. Populate the fields with dynamic data, empowering you to craft limitless layouts tailored to your imagination. 

Step 2

Choose a Template

Select a loop widget that aligns perfectly with your use case, offering the ideal display. Pick a loop item template to visualize your layout, and seamlessly switch between different templates at your convenience.