Populate item-based widgets with multiple dynamic source types.


Use the built in Elementor repeater field to manage the data of your items directly within the website builder

WordPress Posts

Use WordPress Posts to populate the widget items. Use any post type and even custom post fields to achieve maximum flexability.

WooCommerce Products

Present products from WooCommerce inside your widgets. Connect to AJAX filters easily directly in the Elementor Page builder.

ACF Repeater Field

Add an ACF repeater field to your posts and in a single post template populate the widget with the repeater data.

JSON or CSV File

Upload the data from a JSON or CSV file to insert content in your Elementor Widgets easily.


Easily insert media images in your widgets using the Gallery Source. This source type also supports using the dynamic options for populating the gallery field.


Showcase your WordPress tags and categories in different ways using the terms source to insert data in your Elementor widgets.


Easily display a list of your WordPress users and even add links to their post archives page using any Multi-Source widget from the library.


Display your WordPress Menu easily in different layouts using the menu source type to populate your widgets.


Connect your Instagram account using the API to showcase your Instagram images inside of item-based widgets.