Dynamic Sources for Content Display

Populate item-based widgets with multiple dynamic source types.


Efficient Data Management

Utilize the built-in Elementor repeater field to efficiently manage and customize the data of your items directly within the website builder, allowing you to easily reorder, duplicate, add new, and delete items.

WordPress Posts

Utilize WordPress Posts for Dynamic Widget Content

Leverage WordPress Posts to populate the widget items, using any post type and even custom post fields to achieve maximum flexibility in your designs. 

Woo Products

Seamless WooCommerce Integration

Showcase WooCommerce products within your widgets and seamlessly connect to AJAX filters directly in the Elementor Page Builder. 

ACF Repeater Field

Dynamic Widget Content with ACF Repeater Fields

Add an ACF repeater field to your widgets and use a single post template to populate the widget with the repeater data, streamlining your content management. This allows for dynamic and flexible presentation of information directly within the Elementor Page Builder. 

JSON or CSV File

Populate Elementor Widgets with JSON or CSV Data

Streamline the process of inserting content into your Elementor Widgets by easily uploading data from JSON or CSV files, enhancing efficiency and productivity in your design workflow.


Effortless Media Integration

Leverage the Gallery Source feature to seamlessly insert media images into your widgets, with added support for dynamic options to populate the gallery field, streamlining your design process in Elementor.


Versatile Tag and Category Display

Explore diverse presentation options for your WordPress tags and categories by utilizing the terms source to seamlessly insert data into your Elementor widgets, enhancing flexibility and customization in your website design.


Effortless User List Display

Effortlessly showcase a list of your WordPress users and enhance user engagement by adding links to their post archives page, utilizing any Multi-Source widget from the library to streamline your website’s functionality and navigation. 


Enhance Website Navigation

Effortlessly showcase your WordPress Menu items in various layouts, empowering seamless navigation customization within your website design. 


Instagram Images in Item-Based Widgets

Effortlessly connect your Instagram account using the API to display your Instagram images within item-based widgets, enhancing visual appeal and engagement on your website.