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Sync multiple item-based widgets to create advanced designs.

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Synchronized Layouts with Ease

All you need to do is toggle the ‘Sync Widgets’ option in the widget settings after adding 2 or more item-based widgets with the same number of items to achieve seamless synchronization.

Sync Post Widgets

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Experience unparalleled flexibility with the sync feature, extending its seamless integration to post widgets. Connect two or more post widgets effortlessly, and enhance control with synchronized filters that seamlessly refine both widgets simultaneously.

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Discover the design revolution with the innovative Sync Widgets feature. Experience a seamless fusion of freedom and creativity as you effortlessly synchronize widgets and gain unparalleled control.

Sync Tabs + Carousel

The current building dates mostly from 1753 and replaced an earlier church on the site. It is constructed of stone with a slate roof.

This building, now a shop, was originally Poulton Savings Bank, built in 1839.  It is symmetrical, constructed of brick with stone.

Widgets used in the section above: Remote Bullets, Content Tabs, Card Carousel

Sync Carousel + Background Slider

Widgets used in the section above: Card Carousel, Remote Item Navigation, Remote Counter, Remote Arrows

Places Of The World

Widgets used in the section above: Remote Counter, Icon Carousel, Unlimited Carousel, Remote Arrows

Filtering Two Synced Widgets Togther

Coffe Shops
Boston Barista
Boston Barista
Club Coffee
Club Coffee
Coffee Express
Coffee Express
Coffee House
Coffee House
Widgets used in the section above: Tabs Filter, Remote Arrows, Post List, Post Carousel
Widgets used in the section above: Remote Counter, Post Carousel, Remote Arrows

Connect Testimonial & Content Carousel Together

Use Remote Arrows for full control

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Riding the Future

Discover the Perfect Pedal with Our Exceptional Bicycles!


A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for a bicycle. 


Part of a bicycle that the rider pushes with their foot to propel the vehicle. 


Equivalent to a tiller for vehicles and vessels, it is directly linked to a pivoting front wheel.


A fork typically consists of two blades which are joined at the top by a fork crown. 

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