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Woo Product Grid Widget for Elementor

The Woo Product Grid widget helps you display products in a visually appealing way on your Elementor pages. You can choose different layouts and customize them for a stunning WooCommerce product presentation. 

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Woo Snowboards Gear Shop
Woo Snowboards Gear Shop
Winery Woo Shop
Winery Woo Shop
Woo Shop With Checkboxes Filter
Woo Shop With Checkboxes...
Bike Shop With Search Filter
Bike Shop With Search Filter
Woo Shop With Dropdown Filter
Woo Shop With Dropdown Filter
Woo Shop With Multi-Level Filters
Woo Shop With Multi-Level...
Self Care Woo Shop
Self Care Woo Shop
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Advanced Woo Products Query

Make it easier for your online shoppers to find the products they’re looking for. Easily query and display products with advanced rules anywhere on your online shop website.

Custom Query

Present Woo products generated from advanced dynamic include and exclude rules.

Current Product Query

Create an archive page or shop page based on the link the user is viewing.

Related Products

Display a selection of products that are related or relevant to the currently viewed product.

Manual Products Selection

Choose the specific posts you want to show on the page by name.

Layout & Settings

Revolutionize Your Online Store

Layouts are a valuable tool for tailoring the look of your online store, enhancing its uniqueness. They allow you to control the design of your product grid items effectively.

Product Quick View

Craft Dynamic Product Popups

Generate a dynamic popup for a quick product view without navigating away. Utilize an Elementor single product template to design the layout of this interactive popup.

Product Filters

Elevate Your Online Shopping Site

Improve your product grid’s functionality with advanced filters and tools. Our adaptable filter add-ons solution empowers you to effortlessly craft intricate layouts and maintain full website control.

Multi-Level Filters

Multi-Level Robust Filtering System

The advanced grid layouts offer multi-level filters for customers to quickly find products. Utilize categories and subcategories with parent-child roles for a powerful filtering system.


Showcase Products with Flair

Adjust widget colors and fonts easily with Elementor live page builder to match your site’s style. Use the WooCommerce Product Grid widget to seamlessly showcase products with style.

Woo Product Grid Buttons

Build a Seamless Shopping Journey

The Woo Product Grids provide various call-to-action buttons for grid items, allowing quick viewing, adding to cart, and adjusting quantities directly from the grid.

What Makes The WooCommerce Product Grid Widget Special?

Pre-built Layouts

Save valuable time with our collection of pre-built layouts designed to easily display your WooCommerce products. These layouts come with additional controls that allow you to customize the design of your grid layout, giving you complete flexibility.

Advanced Product Query

Take control of your product display with the ability to showcase specific WooCommerce products based on dynamic rules. Build your criteria to include or exclude products from the grid based on sale availability, stock status, upsells, recently viewed items, and much more.

Product Sale Labels

Capture attention and highlight special offers or limited-time discounts by quickly adding labels such as “Sale” on products. Whether you're running a sale campaign or want to showcase exclusive deals, labels ensure your products stand out and drive sales.

Add Dynamic Popups

Enhance your product grid with Dynamic Popus. Add a quick view of your products to allow users to easily browse your products without leaving the page. Design the dynamic popup by creating a single product template.

Quantity Increment Buttons

Unlike some other post grid plugins, the Post Grid Widget fully supports custom post types. Whether you're showcasing blog posts, portfolio items, products, events, or any other custom content.

Customization Options

With intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, customizing the design of the product grid is easy. Quickly tailor the styling to align with your brand's aesthetics easily and effortlessly to create amazing WooCommerce product grids.

Why Should You Use the WooCommerce Product Grid Widget?

Engage Customers with a Dynamic Product Showcase

The WooCommerce Product Grid widget allows you to dynamically display your newest products, bestselling items, recently viewed products, featured items, or any other product type in a beautiful grid layout that keeps customers interested and engaged in your store.

Robust Synchronization With Post Widgets Data

A visually appealing product grid can improve product sales. The WooCommerce Product Grid widget helps you create an engaging shopping experience that encourages customers to browse your catalog, discover new products, and purchase through an attractive product grid.

Improve the Navigation and User Experience

Your customers deserve a seamless shopping experience. The Product Grid widget combined with AJAX filters will allow customers to filter and sort products by category, brand, price, and more to find what they need quickly. Enhance the user experience and engagement considerably.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Woo Product Grid Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WooCommerce Product Grid widget?

The WooCommerce Product Grid widget is a powerful Elementor widget that allows you to present your product catalog in a visually appealing grid layout on your WooCommerce store. It enables you to showcase your products in a customizable and user-friendly way.

Can I showcase specific products based on dynamic rules using the WooCommerce Product Grid widget?

The WooCommerce Product Grid widget is a powerful Elementor widget that allows you to present your product catalog in a visually appealing grid layout on your WooCommerce store. It enables you to showcase your products in a customizable and user-friendly way.

Can I add labels such as “Sale or out of stock” to highlight certain products?

You can easily add labels to your products using the WooCommerce Product Grid widget. Whether running a sale, offering discounts, or promoting featured items, labels can be added to make the products stand out in a grid layout. This helps draw attention to special offers and incentivizes customers to explore and purchase those products. You can also add “Out of Stock” labels to prominently highlight products that are not in your inventory.

Can customers add products to their cart directly from the product grid?

Yes, the this widget allows you to add “Add To Cart” button with WooCommerce quantity increment buttons. Customers can make buying decisions easily by adding products to their cart and adjusting the quantity on the shop, product, and category pages. This streamlined process enhances user experience and increases the likelihood of sales.

What are some possible dynamic content uses with the WooCommerce Product Grid widget?

The WooCommerce Product Grid widget enables you to showcase dynamic content on product, archive and shop pages effortlessly. You can use it to display your latest products, related products, featured items, bestselling goods, or any specific selection of products you want to showcase in a grid layout to engage your visitors dynamically.

Can I control the order of the products in the grid using the WooCommerce Product Grid widget?

Absolutely! The WooCommerce Product Grid widget allows you to control the order in which your products appear in the grid. You can specify the sorting criteria, such as by date, title, price, or any other custom criteria, to organize your product display. You can also add a live sorting filter to allow site visitors to change the product order easily on the live shop page.

How do I create a product grid in WooCommerce?

You can easily create product grids with the WooCommerce Product Grid widget available in the Unlimited Elements plugin. With this widget, you get a lot of useful features to build a dynamic product grid with pagination, popups, custom layouts, customizable designs, filters, sorting, labels, load more buttons, quantity selectors buttons and much more.

Can I control the number of products (columns) in a row in my WooCommerce grid layout?

Yes, With the WooCommerce Product Grid widget, you have complete control over the layout of your product grid, allowing you to control how many products you would like to show in a row on WooCommerce shop pages. This feature is responsive, and you can individually set the number of items to be displayed in a row for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Simply adjust the value of the “Items in column” within the widget “General” settings to specify the number of products in a row.

What sorting (ordering) options does the WooCommerce Product Grid have?
  1. Order by Product price 
  2. Order by Number of Product Sales
  3. Order by Product Rating
What kind of special product queries can I use in the WooCommerce Product Grid?
  1. Show products on sale
  2. Show cross-sell products
  3. Show out-of-stock products
  4. Show recently viewed products