Parallax Background Widget for Elementor

The Parallax Background widget for Elementor adds captivating depth and motion to your web design. With a simple and intuitive interface, it allows you to create stunning parallax scrolling effects effortlessly, enhancing the visual appeal and interactivity of your website.

Easy-to-Edit Parallax Layers

Our Parallax Background Widget simplifies the process of creating dynamic web pages. It employs a layered approach that allows you to easily edit and arrange background elements. You have complete control over the design, giving you the flexibility to create a stunning visual experience tailored to your brand.

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Parallax Effects

The Parallax Background Widget offers a wide array of effects to choose from. You can apply scale, rotate, opacity, and translate effects to your background layers. These effects add depth and dimension, creating a captivating 3D-like experience that keeps your audience engaged.

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Responsive Settings

The Parallax Background Widget is built with responsiveness in mind. You can choose to show or hide layers depending on the screen resolution. This feature guarantees a consistent and enjoyable user experience across various devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

Why Should You Use the Parallax Background Widget?

Creative Website Design

This engaging design technique lends depth and movement to your website, creating a sense of immersion that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

Tell a Captivating Story

With the Parallax Background Widget, you can guide your audience through a narrative by scrolling. This dynamic storytelling technique is perfect for showcasing your brand's journey, products, or services in a memorable and engaging way.

Stand Out in the Crowd

The Parallax Background Widget adds a unique and dynamic element to your site, setting you apart from the competition. It's a proven way to leave a lasting impression and make your website memorable.

What Makes The Parallax Background Widget Special?

Parallax Delay

Fine-tune your parallax effects with the Parallax Delay feature. Adjust the timing of element movements to create the perfect visual flow on your website. Whether you want a subtle or dramatic effect, this control is at your fingertips.

Parallax Transition

Smooth transitions make all the difference in creating an immersive user experience. The Parallax Transition feature ensures that the shift from one element to another is seamless and visually pleasing. Your website will captivate visitors from scroll to scroll.


We understand the importance of website performance. The Parallax Background Widget is designed to be lightweight, ensuring that your site remains fast and responsive. Enjoy the benefits of parallax effects without compromising loading times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many layers can I add to the Parallax Background Effect?

You can add as many layers as you need to create your desired parallax effect. There's no strict limit, so you have the creative freedom to customize your website's visual experience.

Can I hide certain layers for different screen sizes?

The Parallax Background Effect offers responsive settings, allowing you to show or hide layers based on screen resolution. This feature ensures a consistent and optimized experience across various devices.

Can I add a delay to layers?

You have the flexibility to add delays to individual layers. Adjust the timing of element movements to achieve the desired visual flow and interactivity on your web page.

Can I add easing to the effect?

Easing, which controls the acceleration and deceleration of the parallax effect, is a customizable feature. You can fine-tune the transition to create a smooth and engaging user experience.

Can I choose the direction of movement?

ou have control over the direction of movement for each layer. Whether you want elements to move horizontally, vertically, or in a custom direction, the Parallax Background Effect provides the tools to achieve your desired visual effect.