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How to Create a Custom Blog or Archive Page with Elementor?

When you browse a website’s blog and find a published article collection, you are essentially viewing an Archive page. In WordPress, these pages are automatically created and given a URL based on the post type, category, or taxonomy. This article will guide you on creating a customized archive page using Elementor, suitable for various scenarios.

Unlock the full potential of your archive template with the Unlimited Elements widget library. Explore a vast collection of post widgets, offering a wide range of layout options including grids, carousels, sliders, and more. Start by creating an archive template using the powerful Elementor Pro theme builder. Then, effortlessly design your page using one of the post widgets. These layouts come equipped with various filters and tools such as live search, tab filters, pagination, infinite scroll, and more – all conveniently accessible within the Unlimited Elements widget library. Let’s dive right in and elevate your WordPress website!

Step #1: Install Unlimited Elements

To begin, ensure that you have installed and activated Unlimited Elements. This will grant you access to post widgets, filters, and other useful tools. Both the pro and free versions offer this functionality, so select the one that best suits your specific needs.

After downloading the ZIP file:


Go to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin.


Choose the zip file you downloaded, upload, and then click Activate.


Once activated, you’ll need to enter your license key. (for PRO version only)

Step #2: Install a Post Widget

Discover a diverse collection of post widgets in the Unlimited Elements widget library, perfect for enhancing your custom archive. Take a moment to explore the various options on our demo pages. Ready to install your desired post widget? Follow these simple steps.


Go to Unlimited Elements in the WordPress Dashboard


Go to Widgets -> Post Widgets


Hover over the widget and click install

Step #3: Create Blog Page

To start, create a blank page using the WordPress Add Page interface. You can name it “Blog” or anything you prefer. 

Once you’ve published the blank page, navigate to Settings -> Reading. From there, select the page you just published from the dropdown menu labeled “Posts Page” as indicated below.

Step #4: Create Archive Template

Go to Templates -> Theme Builder


Choose Archive


Close the pre made template library popup.

Step #5: Add Post Widget to Layout

To add the post widget to your page, simply locate it in the widgets pane by its name, and then effortlessly drag and drop it onto the Elementor canvas.

Step #6: Set Post Query

To edit the settings, simply click on the widget. Then, navigate to the post query section and set the post source to “Current Query Posts”.

To select the archives you want to preview while editing the page, simply click on the page settings and go to the preview settings section.

Step #6: Publish and set Display Conditions

To publish the page, simply click on the “publish” button. Additionally, you can set the conditions that determine the usage of your Archive Template across your entire site.

Your archive is now live. That’s all there is to it! 

Step #7: Add Filters & Tools

Unlimited elements offer a multitude of widgets and tools to enhance your archive template. Exploring the filters page, accessible through the link below, provides deeper insights into the different filters available. Increase the versatility of your template and unlock its full potential!

Wrapping it Up!

We trust that you have found this article to be valuable. Now, it’s the perfect opportunity to leverage the multitude of post widgets and unlimited elements offered by Unlimited Elements. By doing so, you can enhance both the functionality and design of your website, resulting in an exceptional user experience.

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