Most Viewed Posts

In this article you will learn how to show the most viewed posts inside of your Elementor website.

Before starting, you will need to confirm the following plugins are installed and activated on your WordPress website.

You can use these steps for all available widgets in Post Widgets and Dynamic Loops categories.

Step 1: Go to the Widget Library #

Navigate to Unlimited Elements >> Widgets in the WordPress side menu. 

Step 2: Select the Post Widgets category #

Navigate to the Post Widgets category to display all available free and pro post widgets.

Step 3: Install a Post Widget #

Hover over Post List widget and click on install.

Step 4: Use the Post Widget #

a) Select the page where you want to output your Most Viewed Posts and  Search for the post list widget in Elementor’s widget pane.

b) Drag and Drop the Post List Widget into any column to display the widget on the page.

Step 5: Customize the Post Widget settings #

In the Post List Widget’s, Content Tab >> Go to the Post Query Section and Set the value of Include By to Most Viewed. This feature is activated by the “WordPress Popular Posts” plugin and displays a Most Viewed Time Range Drop-Down.

Select the time range according to your requirements to display the most viewed posts in that time frame.

If you don’t see the WordPress Popular Posts Most Viewed Time Range Drop-Down, you must cross check to see if you have installed and activated the plugin.

Congratulations! You have used the advanced post selection to output the Most Viewed Posts on your Elementor website

If after selecting include by most viewed none of your posts show, this means your post have not had views since you installed the popular posts plugin.

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