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Remote Bullets

The Remote Bullets widget can be used to connect with other widgets and control them such as carousel, slider and many more. In this article you will learn how to use the Remote Bullets widget on your website and use it to create advanced interactive layouts.

Add Widget to Connect #

Before starting with the Remote Bullets widget you will need to decide what widget you want the Remote Bullets to control.  Remote Bullets widget can connect to a variety of widgets from Unlimited Elements widget library. Add one of the widgets that support remote controls to the the page and enable remote connection so it will be able to connect with the Remote Bullets widget.

Note: the setting above is in the Widget you want to connect to and not in the Remote Bullets widget itself. A full list of widgets the Remote Bullets can connect to can be found in the link below.

Install Remote Bullets Widget for Elementor #

This widget requires Unlimited Elements Free version installed and activated on your WordPress website.

  1. Go to Unlimited Elements Widget Library
  2. Search in the search bar for “Remote Bullets”
  3. Hover over the widget in the search results and click install
  4. Add your “Remote Bullets” widget to any Elementor Page

Remote Bullets General Settings #

Remote Parent Name

Connect with the widget you want to control using the Remote Bullets. In most cases you do not need to change this setting from Auto Detectable.


Set the gap between bullets icon.


Select the desired layout from given options.

  • Row
  • Row Reverse
  • Column
  • Column Reverse

Select the position of bullet icons.

  • Start
  • Center
  • End

Set the alignment of bullet icons.

  • Start
  • Center
  • End
Show Counter

Show/Hide the counter in place of bullet icons.

Hover Animation

Select the hover animation from dropdown list.

  • Grow
  • Shrink
  • Pulse
  • Pulse Grow
  • Pulse Shrink
  • Push
  • Pop
  • Bounce In
  • Bounce Out
  • Rotate 
  • Grow Rotate
  • Float
  • Sink
  • Bob
  • Hang
  • Skew
  • Skew Forward
  • Skew Backward
  • Wobble Vertical
  • Wobble Horizontal
  • Wobble to Bottom
  • Right to Bottom Right
  • Right to Top Right
  • Wobble Top
  • Wobble Bottom
  • Wobble Skew
  • Buzz
  • Buzz Out

Remote Bullets Styling #

Various styling options are included to control every design aspect of the widget. Modify the colors to match your site’s look and feel. Customize the colors, typography, and layout to make the widget look and work exactly how you want it.

Bullet Styling #

Style the bullets color, width, height, radius, shadow and typography.

Active Bullet Styling #

You can style the active bullet height, width, color, border, color, and shadow.

Bullet Background Styling #

In this section, you can style the background, background color, and background image.

Active Background Styling #

Style the background, background color, and background image in active state.

Usage Examples #

Here are some live usage cases of Remote Bullets widget.

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