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Actions After Submit

This documentation is your guide to configuring actions following form submissions using the Submit Button widget. Whether it’s saving entries, sending emails, utilizing webhooks, or setting up redirects.

Adding Submit Button to From

To access the actions after submission, ensure you have added the Submit Button widget to your form. Click on the widget to view the ‘Actions After Submit’ field—a multi-select field allowing you to add multiple actions.

Save Entries

Selecting the ‘Save Entries’ option ensures that each time a user clicks the submit button, the data entered into the form gets collected and stored in your WordPress dashboard. You can conveniently review or export this information as a CSV file at your convenience.

To access form entries go to Unlimited ElementsForm Entries


To set up email notifications upon form submission, select the ‘Email’ option from the ‘Actions After Submit’ choices. Once you’ve made this selection, an additional section will appear in the Submit Button widget settings, allowing you to configure all the necessary email options.


A webhook is a method for real-time communication between applications, and to set it up, enter the URL where the form data should be sent via a POST request.


The redirect option is a simplified URL field where you can input the link to direct users after a successful form submission.

To conclude, with the flexibility of “Actions After Submit,” you have the tools to tailor your form’s post-submission behavior to suit your needs. Experiment with these options to create a seamless and engaging experience for both you and your users.

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