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Step Process

The Step Process widget can be used to show your product’s advantages or your company’s progress in very cool and amazing layouts. You can customize your Step Process widget to your Elementor website’s specific needs using its vast range of customization options.You can turn on or off any part of the Step Process widget to make it look exactly the way you want and suit your website needs. It also supports advanced options such as Remote Connection and syncing with other widgets.


Let’s look at each of the options in the “Step Process Widget” below.

Video Tutorial

Install Step Process Widget for Elementor

This widget requires Unlimited Elements PRO version installed and activated on your WordPress website.

  1. Go to Unlimited Elements Widget Library
  2. Search in the search bar for “Step Process”
  3. Hover over the widget in the search results and click install
  4. Add your “Step Process” widget to any Elementor Page

General Settings


Graphic Element Animation

Choose the desired animation from given options.

  • Grow
  • Shrink
  • Pulse
  • Pulse Grow
  • Pulse Shrink
  • Push
  • Pop
  • Bounce In
  • Bounce Out
  • Rotate
  • Grow Rotate
  • Float
  • Sink
  • Bob
  • Hang
  • Skew
  • Skew Forward
  • Skew Backward
  • Wobble Vertical

Show Title

Show/Hide the title.



Show/Hide the text element.



Show/Hide the label.



Choose the layout from the given options.

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal and Vertical on Breakpoint


Connected Widgets Settings


Enable Remote Connection

This enables the remote connection functionality for this widget.

Visit Name for Connection

Provide a name for the connection that other widgets will use to connect and control this widget.



You can connect two item-based widgets and sync them.

Sync Group

Choose the same group for two or more item-based widgets so they can sync together.

Items Settings

Manage the step elements using the repeater field.

  • Add new items
  • Duplicate items
  • Delete items
  • Reorder Items
  • Edit Items


Set a Title for your step.



Type the text to display in step.



Type text to display as label.


Graphic Element

Choose any of the given graphic elements.

  • Icon (Icon Library or Upload Custom SVG)
  • Text
  • Image

Graphic Element Icon

Choose an icon for graphic element.


Graphic Element Text

Type text to display as a graphic element.


Graphic Element Image

Choose an image to display as a graphic element.


Graphic Element BG

Set the graphic elements background color.


Graphic Element BG Hover

Set the graphic elements background hover color.


Icon Color

Set the icon color.


Label BG

Set the background color of the label.


Title Color

Set the title color.

Step Process Widget Styling

There are different styling options available for the widget and each aspect of its design can be controlled with its styling options. Choose colors that complement the style of your website. You can modify the text, icons, fonts, and layout to make the widget look and work the way you want.

Divider Styling

Set the spacing, width and color of the divider.

Graphic Elements Styling

Style the elements width, height, size, color, typography, border, etc. in normal, active and hover state.

Choose graphic element clip-path to create unique-looking shapes.

  1. None
  2. Triangle
  3. Trapezoid
  4. Parallelogram
  5. Rhombus
  6. Pentagon
  7. Hexagon
  8. Heptagon
  9. Octagon
  10. Nonagon
  11. Decagon
  12. Bevel
  13. Rabbet
  14. Left Arrow
  15. Right Arrow
  16. Left Point
  17. Right Point
  18. Left Chevron
  19. Right Chevron

Below is an example of what you can achieve:

Label Styling

You can set the background, color, typography, padding, border, positioning, width and height of the label element.

The label can be used for a number or even a word to add more information on top of the icon in one of the corners. Below is an example of label usage.

Content Styling

In this section, set the padding, alignment, spacing, background, and border of the content.

Title Styling

Style the color, typography, spacing, padding, background, radius, and border of the title.

Text Styling

Here, you can style the color, typography, and spacing of the text element.

Usage Examples

Here are some live use cases for the Step Process Widget.

Step Process widget with sync widgets.

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