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Form Field Widgets

Build customized forms effortlessly with our versatile set of form fields, each designed as a separate widget within Elementor’s page builder. Whether you’re crafting simple contact forms, engaging multi-step forms, insightful surveys, interactive polls, or dynamic calculators, our diverse range of form fields provides maximum flexibility. 

Text Field
A basic input box for users to provide short, written responses, ideal for capturing names, addresses, or other concise text entries.
Textarea Field
A multi-line input box suitable for longer text entries, such as comments or messages.
Submit Button
A clickable button that, upon activation, initiates the submission of a form or input data. Beyond its primary function, it can execute various actions such as saving entries, sending email notifications, invoking webhooks, and, in the event of a successful submission, redirecting users to another specified page for further engagement or confirmation.
Checkbox Field
A small box where you can check or uncheck to select from multiple choices. You can make it look like a button or use images to add a touch of fun and interaction.
Dropdown Field
A menu that allows users to select one option from a list that drops down when activated.
Number Field
A space for entering numbers in a form, perfect for tasks like calculations or providing numeric input. Frequently used in calculators and forms where precise numerical data is needed.
Email Field
A text input area designed to collect and validate email addresses.
Radio Button Field
A set of mutually exclusive options presented as buttons, where users can select only one option.
Phone Field
A text input area formatted to accept and validate phone numbers.
Slider Field
A graphical control that users can slide along a track to select a value within a predefined range.
Message Field
A specialized field for presenting messages or information based on conditions or calculations within the form, offering dynamic content display and user guidance.

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