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Select Dropdown Filter

The Select Dropdown Filter widgets can be used with any of our Post widgets to help users filter the content on your Elementor page. You can filter two or more synced widgets together to create advanced layouts. You can use this widget with many types of widget from the Unlimited Elements widget library such as:
1. Posts Widgets

2. WooCommerce Product Widgets

3. Dynamic Loop Widgets

4. Multi Source Gallery Widgets


This widget also gives you option to show sub categories when parent category is selected.


Let’s look at each of the options in the “Select Dropdown Filter” below.

In order to use this widget, you first have to put any of the posts widget on the page and make sure you have turned on the ‘Enable Post Filtering’ option on it.

Install Select Dropdown Filter Widget for Elementor

This widget requires Unlimited Elements PRO version installed and activated on your WordPress website.

  1. Go to Unlimited Elements Widget Library
  2. Search in the search bar for “Select Dropdown Filter”
  3. Hover over the widget in the search results and click install
  4. Add your “Select Dropdown Filter” widget to any Elementor Page

Filter Settings


Add First Item - (All)

It will reset the post widget to it's initial query.


First Item Text

Type the text to display as first item text.


Sync to Posts Widget After Load

When this option is chosen there is no need to select terms manually. The filter will populate automatically according to the Post Widget terms.


Selected Item Number

Select the item number you want to display on posts widget.


Override Query Terms

The filter will override the terms selected in the post query of the post widget.


Filter Role

Select the filter role from given options.

  • Single- There is no children filters.
  • Main- There are more filters in the page, and this will not be refreshes when click on other.
  • Child- This filter will be not visible on start, and will appear only when some relevant main filter is selected.

Term Selection Settings


Post Types

Choose the type of post you want to display.

  • Post
  • Product
  • Variations

Select Taxonomy

Choose any of the below options for your post taxonomy.

  • Category
  • Tag
  • Format

Include By

Include the posts from different options given below

  • Specific Terms
  • Children Of
  • Children Of Current Term
  • By Search Text
  • Only Childless
  • Not a Child of Other Term
  • Term Meta

Exclude By

Choose specific posts that you would like to exclude from your selection by adding rules.

  • Specific Terms
  • Current Term (for archive only)
  • Hide Empty Terms

To know more about item query setting, please visit our article on Advanced Post Selection

Layout Setting


Show Label

Show/Hide the label.


Label Text

Type the label text.



Set the layout of widget.

  • Block
  • Inline

No Terms Found

Type the text for no term found message.

Select Dropdown Filter Widget Styling

You can choose the colors that complement the style of your website. You can modify the text, icons, fonts, and layout to make the widget look and work the way you want.

Select Styling

Set the select width, typography, padding, border, margin, color, and alignment.

Label Styling

In this section, style the label typography, color, margin, and alignment.

Options List Styling

You can set the option list background, text color, and typography.

Usage Examples

Here are some live use cases for the Select Dropdown List Widget.

Filtering two synced widgets Post List and Post Carousel together.

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