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How to Create a Form

Welcome to our guide on using Unlimited Elements Form Builder in Elementor. Whether you’re new to building forms or want to explore advanced features, this document will help you get started with creating engaging forms for your website. 

Step 1. Install form Widgets

Go to Unlimited ElementsWidgetsForm Builder and click install on all the form fields you want to add to your form.

We recommend installing all the form field widgets form maximum flexibility. The widgets are lightweight so you should not be concerned about performance or loading issues.

Step 2. Create Form Layout

Create a new Elementor page or edit an existing page and Drag and Drop the form field widgets to create the layout of your form.

Edit the settings of each form field widget separately for maximum flexibility.

Step 3. Configure Submit Button

Add the Submit Button widget to your form layout and configure the “Actions After Submit”.

In conclusion, mastering Unlimited Elements Form Builder in Elementor empowers you to effortlessly design and implement dynamic forms tailored to your needs. From simple contact forms to interactive surveys, the possibilities are vast. With this guide, you’ve gained the know-how to create forms that not only seamlessly integrate into your website but also enhance user engagement. Start crafting impactful forms today and elevate your online presence with Unlimited Elements.

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