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Google Map API Key

To use the google maps widget you will need to connect your Map API Key from google first. 

Go to “Google Cloud Platform”.

Click on the hamburger menu and navigate to “Google Maps Platform”

Select an existing project or create a new project.

Select the “Maps Javascript API” and click enable to enable it.

After enabling the Maps JavaScript API 
Select “Geocoding API” from the list and click on the “ENABLE” button to enable it.

You should now see both enabled APIs in the list

Click on credentials in the menu and on the button “+ CREATE CREDENTIALS”

Then select API Key from the list

Copy the generated API Key

Go to Unlimited Elements plugin inside of your WordPress dashboard.
Navigate to General Settings -> Integrations. 

Paste your API key and click “Save Settings”

Before adding the widget to an Elementor Page make sure that your billing is setup in “Google Cloud Platform”. If billing is not setup your map will not show when adding it to a page.

Now you can start adding maps to your Elementor Pages. 

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