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Sequence Entrance Animation

Sequence entrance animation is a global feature that can be found in various item based widgets in Unlimited Elements widget library. This feature will help you add entrance animations to any item-based widget and make the items gradually transition into the page in an animated sequence once the user scrolls to them. 

Sequence Entrance Animation Settings



Choose any of the listed animation types to add to your items.

  • Appear
  • Scale Up
  • Scale Down
  • From Left
  • From Right
  • From Top
  • From Bottom

Animation Distance

Determine how long the animation will be by size.

  • Shortest
  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long
  • Longest

Animation Duration

Customize the animation’s timing in seconds to determine the length of each animated item.


Animation Step

Set the delay between each item before the animation starts


Animation Order

Set the order for the animation to occur in. First to last or last to first.


Add Blur

Add depth to your animations by adding blur to the animations.

  • No Blur
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Strong

Supported Widgets

Icon Bullets

Rhombus Grid

Shape Bullets

Timeline Bullets

Icon Box Accordion

Post Grid

Post List

Post Timeline

Post Tiles

Post Magazine Grid

Taxonomy Terms

WooCommerce Product List

WooCommerce Product Grid

WooCommerce Category Grid

Product Bullets


Event List

Dynamic Template Grid

Expanding Content Cards

Content Grid

Unlimited Grid

Unlimited Timeline

Team Member Grid

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