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How to Create a Calculator in Your Elementor Website

This is a step by step guide of how to add a interactive calculator to your website that can make live calculations depending on the user input.

Why Add a Calculator to Your Elementor Website?

Integrating a calculator into your Elementor web design brings a new dimension of functionality and engagement. From financial planning tools to interactive learning experiences, calculators offer real-time, personalized results that enhance user satisfaction and decision-making. 

By seamlessly integrating calculators into your Elementor-based website, you empower visitors with valuable tools that simplify complex calculations and create a dynamic and interactive online experience, setting your website apart in terms of both design and practicality. 

Setting up your calculator with the Unlimited Elements plugin for Elementor

To add calculators to your Elementor website, you’ll need the help of a plugin.

Unlimited Elements is a plugin for Elementor that introduces a range of visually appealing widgets that add more functionality and flexibility to your websites. 

One of the most versatile features in the plugin is the ability to create calculators with ease. Here is a list of some types of calculators you could make using Unlimited Elements:

  • Mortgage and Loan Payment Calculator
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator
  • Calorie Intake Tracker
  • Currency Conversion
  • Calculator Savings and Investment Calculator
  • Travel Expense Calculator
  • Property Value Estimator
  • Retirement Savings Planner
  • Workout Progress Tracker

With out no further a due let’s jump in and get started making our first calculator.

Step #1: Install and activate Unlimited Elements Pro for Elementor

To get started, purchase Unlimited Elements from the link below:

Then follow these steps:


Go to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin.


Choose the zip file you downloaded, upload, and then click Activate.


Once activated, you’ll need to enter your license key.

Now that you have the plugin installed, it’s time to start creating your first calculator.

Step #2: Adding form widgets to your website

To build a calculator in Elementor you will need to use various form fields for the layout. 


Go to Unlimited Elements → Widgets → Forms.


Hover over the form widgets and click install

We suggest to install all the form fields available so you can create any layout you want:

  • Number Field
  • Slider Field
  • Radio Button Field
  • Dropdown Field
  • Message Field

Step #3: Creating the calculator layout in Elementor

Now it’s time to add the form fields to our calculator layout. Open the page with Elementor website builder in edit mode and drag and drop the form fields you want the user to use as calculation fields.

Step #4: Edit the form fields

It is important that each form field will have a unique field name that can be later used for the calculations of the formula. Try to give logical names that will help you later on create the equation you need for the calculation.

For the slider and number fields you can add a minimum and maximum value to bound the user input in logical boundaries. 

The radio button field and the dropdown field use a repeater field to show the different options. Each field can be assigned a different value that can be used later on for calculation purposes. 

Step #5: Turn On Calculation Mode

To show the result of the calculation in your calculator we will use the number field with calculation mode turned on.


Add a new number field to your layout


Enable calculation mode

Step #6: Formula

Now its time to add the formula for your calculation to calculate the form fields the users will input on your website.

Type in each field name inside of square brackets to pull in the value of that field and use calculator operators such as + – * /. 

  • + (Addition): This operator is used to add two or more numbers together.
  • – (Subtraction): This operator is used to subtract one number from another.
  • * (Multiplication): This operator is used to multiply two or more numbers.
  • / (Division): This operator is used to divide one number by another.

Below you can see some examples of formulas:


This formula is used to calculate a precentage.


This formula is used for a BMI calculator.


This formula is used to calculate the daily calorie intake.

Step #7: Publish & Test

That’s all it takes to create amazing calculators for your Elementor website. Now its time to save the page and view the live website to test your creations. 

Video Step by Step Tutorial

By seamlessly integrating calculators in your website, you not only elevate user engagement but also position your website as a dynamic and resourceful platform that goes beyond design aesthetics, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and encouraging return visits.

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