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Unlimited Elements New Widgets and Dashboard Redesign

Attention WordPress enthusiasts! We have some exciting news that will enhance your Elementor experience. Introducing the brand new widgets from Unlimited Elements! These powerful tools are designed to boost your website’s functionality, making it more engaging and dynamic. But wait, there’s more! We’re also introducing a sleek dashboard redesign that makes navigating between tools easier than ever before. Accessing website demos is now a breeze. Get ready to enjoy these amazing updates and take your website to the next level! 

Remote Scroll Widget for Elementor

Introducing the Remote Scroll widget, a new addition to the Elementor toolbox designed for seamless user interaction. This versatile widget triggers item-based widgets as users scroll down the page, connecting with carousels, sliders, accordions, and tabs. It revolutionizes the way users engage with WordPress pages, enhancing the browsing experience. Give it a try and see the difference!

WooCommerce Mini Cart Widget for Elementor

Now, let’s focus on the WooCommerce Mini Cart – a game-changer for your e-commerce operations on WordPress. This compact yet powerful feature gives users a quick overview of their shopping cart directly on the web page. It allows customers to easily review selected items in real-time and make adjustments without leaving their current page. With its user-friendly design, the Mini Cart simplifies the online shopping process, reducing the steps needed to manage the cart. Our goal is to increase conversion rates and streamline online transactions with this new feature for your Elementor-powered WooCommerce stores. We’re excited to see how it transforms your online store!

Active Filters Widget for Elementor

Introducing the Active Filters Widget, the latest addition to our Elementor suite. This powerful tool enhances the user experience by providing seamless and intuitive filtering. With the ability to monitor and visualize filters on post widgets, users can easily make informed choices and reset filters with a single click. No more endless scrolling or confusion in finding desired content – the Active Filter Widget streamlines content navigation, making it more efficient and visually attractive. We believe this innovative filter management solution will not only enhance your WordPress site’s functionality but also greatly improve the user journey. Get ready for a new era of user-friendly navigation!

Clear Filters Widget for Elementor

Introducing the Clear Filters Widget for Elementor – the ultimate tool for a clutter-free filtering process. This widget allows users to quickly reset all applied filters on post widgets, giving them a clean slate for browsing. With just one click, users can effortlessly clear all filters and navigate content with simplicity and focus. This tool revolutionizes content exploration, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Get ready for a refreshing browsing experience with the Clear Filters Widget!


So there you have it – a collection of exciting new widgets and a fresh dashboard redesign to supercharge your WordPress and Elementor experience. With tools designed to enhance user interaction, streamline e-commerce operations, and revitalize content navigation, we’re setting a new standard in website usability. We can’t wait for you to try these updates and witness the transformation of your website. Embrace this new era of web development with Unlimited Elements, and stay tuned for more innovative solutions coming your way!

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