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Why Should I Add a 360° Virtual Tour on My Elementor Website?

It is time to provide your consumers with a more useful experience. There are tons of solutions to keep your audience more engaged and one of them is the 360 Panorama Virtual Tour. 


So let’s together find out why you need a 360 Panorama viewer, how it will benefit you and your audience, and learn about the best 360 Panorama Virtual Tour widget for your Elementor website.

What is a 360 Panorama Viewer?

The 360 Panoramic views help to get a full image and understanding of the particular item, product, or other brand services. With the help of the panoramic view functionality, your audience will always have a precise look at your offerings. For example, today, many businesses and online stores have an option of 360 panoramic virtual views for their products. Or another example is architectural websites. Every architectural project needs to be viewed in the most optimal method, this benefits both the designer and the consumer to understand its true looks. Hence, virtual tours are a perfect method to keep your audience engaged. Correspondingly, the 360 panoramic views help to understand the edges and weaknesses of each product. Make your website visitors stay longer, provide them with a better and more professional web experience, generate more leads and bring more user traffic to your highly entertaining web page. With the help of a 360 panorama virtual tool, as a result, you will have an improved and effective digital marketing strategy, increased up-sells, and cross-sells.

The Best 360 Virtual Tour Widget for Elementor


The 360 Panorama Virtual Tour Widget allows its users to create impressive virtual 360 tours on the Elementor websites. With this Elementor widget, you will always have engaged web visitors. Furthermore, the 360 Panorama Virtual Tour tool enables visitors to take a remote tour of your web place.

This widget user will be able to quickly and easily design and create tours without any expertise. All you need to do is just upload a 360 panoramic image and the widget will automatically transform it into a realistic virtual tour. 


Furthermore, within this widget, you will find functionalities, that will help you to customize your 360-degree virtual tour further. 


  • Custom Controls
  • Auto Rotate
  • HotSpots to display info
  • Field of View
  • Show Compass
  • Title and Author
  • Autoload Tour
  • Show Controls 
  • Keyboard Controls 

Display your place in an attractive way via the 360 Panorama Virtual Tour. Build a virtual presence of your business with fully responsive designs. Set custom preview images and generate interactive Hotspots to boost customer interaction.


Why Do You Need a 360 Virtual Tour for Your Elementor Website?

The significance of a 360 panoramic view of the consumer cannot be overstated. As formerly noted, the 360-degree view allows businesses to provide a better customer experience and increase client loyalty and satisfaction. On the web platform, you can find tons of 360-degree views providing apps, plugins, widgets, and tools. But now, let’s talk about one of the best Elementor widgets, 360 Panorama Virtual Tour, and why you need it for your website.


A simple 360 Panorama Virtual Tour widget can offer a number of benefits to your consumers and your business.



  • Firstly, a 360-degree viewer will help to replace slow-loading videos and photos. Quiet often, photos and videos are slow to load, specifically on mobile devices. Panoramic images allow fast loading speeds and provide clients with better product looks. As a result, your customers will always get a full, panoramic understanding of what they can get with a faster load speed. 
  • Secondly, the 360-degree image viewer enables an increase in the duration of customer visits. It is a fact, that the customers spend time on your website is important. The more time a web visitor spends on your website, the more likely they are to purchase your product. After embedding a 360 Panorama Virtual Tour on your Elementor website, the consumers will be engaged and automatically start spending more time on your web platform.
  • Thirdly, the 360 Panorama Virtual Tour Widget allows clients to see exactly what the product will look like from every pitch. Hence, a clear user interface prevents their expectations and resolving the customer concerns.
  • Lastly, encourage more shoppers to visit your web page and check out everything you offer. Via the 360 Panorama Virtual Tour Widget, your web platform can become a hotspot for the people who are interested in what your trademark offers. The Panorama Virtual Tour Widget is an ideal solution for branding your company, boosting customers, and making them check out your product/services.


Undoubtedly, the visual economy is succeeding. Thus, by offering the proper solutions for your clients, you can grow your business.

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