WooCommerce AJAX Search Widget for Elementor

The fastest WooCommerce AJAX search widget for your WordPress website. Easily add a live search bar to any Elementor website and let users quickly search the products your website has to offer.

All snowboarding

gear on one site

Snow Boots
Snow Goggles

AJAX Search Settings

Our search widget can be customized to fit any page design and is optimized for maximum speed. Not only will it help your visitors find what they’re looking for faster, but it also helps them save time in the process.

the shoes

you've allways

dreamed of

Men Shoes
Women Shoes

AJAX Search Results

Use the flexible settings for the search results to manage the number of columns and gaps in the layout. With the style settings you will be able to adjust the look and feel of every element in the search result items.

jewelry store

Our jewelry is a love story

Everyone will be able to find the one
that suits them We invite you to look
for a jewel and fall in love

AJAX Search Style

Modify the colors and fonts to match your site’s look and feel through the Elementor live page builder interface.

Customize every single detail to perfectly blend with your website design.

miolo Cream

Because your face deserves the best

All Creams
Hand cream
Face Cream

AJAX Search Card

Make it easier for your website visitors to view the products directly inside of the search results by adding a quick card view. Each product card can show a bigger image of the product the price and an add-to-cart button with quantity configuration. 


Premium wine delivered to your home

AJAX Filters

Connect the WooCommerce AJAX search widget to different filter types and help your website visitors reach the content they want to view faster.