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Top 10+ Trending Mega Menu Examples in 2024

If you’re ready to spice up your website’s navigation, why not check out some cool Mega Menu Examples? For years, web designers stuck to dropdown menus to simplify navigation, but sometimes, especially for larger sites with tons of pages or products, they just don’t cut it. Let’s explore a world beyond the ordinary together!

Mega menus, on the other hand, extend from the navigation bar and display multiple levels of a website’s structure at once. This allows users to personalize their journey through the site based on their preferences, resulting in an enhanced overall user experience.

Implementing mega menus can significantly improve the usability and engagement of a website. Investing time and effort into organizing, visually enhancing, and refining menu interactions is essential to achieve an optimal user experience. Neglecting these crucial aspects may lead to a less-than-ideal user experience. You can find our carefully curated mega menu examples for inspiration on how to achieve success in this article.

Why & When You Should Use A Mega Menu on Your Website?

Mega menus are typically used when a website has a large amount of content and pages, making it difficult to navigate with a traditional dropdown menu. They also work well for sites with complex hierarchy or multiple categories and subcategories.

Besides providing more space for navigation options, mega menus can also offer an opportunity for increased engagement through visual cues and call-to-action buttons. This can lead to higher click-through rates and conversions, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce websites.

Moreover, mega menus can improve the accessibility of a website by reducing the number of clicks required to access important content. This is especially beneficial for users with disabilities or those using assistive technologies.

We’ve curated a list of the top trending Mega Menu Examples for you

Top 10 Best Mega Menu Examples
eBay (ebay.com)
mega menu examples

eBay’s mega menu is incredibly user-friendly! It’s designed to make navigation a breeze, with the top categories clearly displayed so you can easily find what you’re looking for. And guess what? If you want to dive deeper, there are even subcategories to explore. Plus, the menu looks absolutely great with those eye-catching banners that give you a quick visual reference for each category. Pretty cool, right? 😉

Nike (nike.com)
mega menu examples

Nike’s mega menu has a sleek and clean design with a combo of white and black colors, and no images. It focuses on simplicity, offering a smooth and easy experience.  No distractions, just what you need.

Jasper (jasper.ai)
mega menu examples

Jasper.com’s mega menu is super visually engaging! 🎨 It uses distinct content boxes and vibrant colors to showcase features, with each color representing a unique category to add a playful touch. 🌈 Plus, the tailored layout for different use cases, along with icons and varied font sizes, reflects a commitment to both style and functionality. 👍

Asana (asana.com)

At Asana.com, the mega menu steals the spotlight, stretching across the screen’s width. It’s a sleek split-screen affair, cleverly balancing vital links and eye-catching featured articles with images. Plus, there’s a nifty inner footer for more quick-access links, making Asana.com’s mega menu a compact, yet visually impactful, navigation delight. 🌐✨

Wizz (wizzair.com)

Wizz Air’s mega menu is a playful delight with branded icons showcasing key features. Links take on an icon box design, adding whimsy to navigation. A standout feature is the close button, ensuring a smooth exit from the mega menu. It’s not just navigation; it’s a fun and visually appealing experience at Wizz Air. 🚀🎨

Adobe (adobe.com)

Adobe.com showcases a sleek and clean white aesthetic, even for a designer product. The mega menu catches your eye with an attractive banner that boldly offers a one-month free trial. This really shows the power of mega menus in highlighting essential actions and making it a breeze for users to explore and engage. It’s all about strategic simplicity and seamlessly promoting key actions at Adobe.com. 🎨✨

Figma (figma.com)

Figma.com’s menu breaks from the full-screen norm, opting for a sleek approach that coexists with page content. It showcases products in clear columns, each with eye-catching hero images 🌟. Check out that distinctive border, adding flair while aligning seamlessly with the brand’s look and feel. It’s a standout menu that respects your content, embodying Figma.com’s commitment to visual appeal and user-friendliness. 🎨✨ 

Webflow (webflow.com)

Webflow.com’s mega menu is impressively organized 🌐. With sleek, one-color glyph icons, it neatly categorizes actions and provides clear subtitles for an intuitive experience. The background elements cleverly separate important links, guiding users seamlessly. Plus, there’s a warm and welcoming banner offering a discount for new users! It’s not just about organization; it’s functional, beautiful, and delightful at Webflow.com. 🚀✨

Elementor (elementor.com)

Elementor.com’s mega menu pleasantly surprises with its simple yet innovative design. It features a clean list of links with an animated underline fill hover effect. Without images, it cleverly guides users to sub-items. Opting for a non-full-width approach, Elementor.com achieves a focused and efficient navigation experience. It’s a perfect blend of simplicity and innovation, making Elementor.com’s mega menu straightforward and engaging. 👌🌟

ESPN (espn.com)

Espen’s mega menu is a must for sports fans, seamlessly splitting fields into leagues. The genius move? Using team symbols as icons for links, making navigation a breeze. Recognizing the symbol is easier than the name, creating an efficient and delightful experience. It’s not just a menu; it’s a sports enthusiast’s wow moment at Espen! 🏀⚽🏈

Fiverr (fiverr.com)

At Fiverr.com, even with just two links, a mega menu elevates the user experience by offering additional information and enhancing visuals with icon bullets. It’s more than just links; it’s about creating an engaging and visually appealing navigation right at your fingertips. 👩‍💻🚀

Stripe (stripe.com)

Stripe.com’s mega menu goes beyond the ordinary by introducing an extra depth of interaction. Hovering over remote tabs on the left column triggers a captivating transformation, dynamically changing the icon bullets on the right side.  💳🌐

Upwork (upwork.com)

Upwork.com takes a unique approach in its mega menu with remote tabs triggering varied content on the right side. What makes it stand out is the use of image boxes as action items, ensuring a prominent and visually engaging menu. It’s a clever blend of functionality and design, making navigation on Upwork.com both seamless and visually pleasing. 💼

In Conclusion

Mega menus offer a modern and innovative solution for website navigation, allowing for a more efficient and enjoyable user experience. When implemented effectively, they can improve engagement, accessibility, and overall website performance. With the tips provided, you’ll be well on your way to creating an effective mega menu that will enhance your website’s usability and success. So why settle for a simple dropdown menu when you can give your users a dynamic and personalized navigation experience with a mega menu? So go ahead and give it a try, your website visitors will thank you for it. We hope you liked our list of mega menu examples:) Happy designing! 

Mega Menu Widget for Elementor

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