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Creating unique hero section designs using Elementor

One of the biggest problems on the web is that almost all websites look the same. It’s time you take your design to the next level and start standing out from the crowd. Learn advanced design techniques using Elementor Page Builder.

In the first example i will show how to merge and export layers using photoshop. For the main title i have used the gradient title from unlimited elements to make it stand out. Instead of using a regular button i have used one of the link hover effects to create a subtle and unique look and feel.

In the second example i will show how to set a background image with a gradient overlay, giving a subtle effect and making the text more prominent. We will also add a video teaser button from unlimited elements that will be used for opening youtube or viemo videos in a lightbox. The play video button will have a cool ripple effect making it stand out on the page.

In the third example we used inner columns to make only one of the parts have a border while not needing to create another section so that some of the content is bordered and some is not. Outside of the border I have placed a cool social network icons widget.

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