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Floating Chat Buttons Widget for Elementor

Elevate your Elementor website with floating chat buttons showcasing primary actions. Enhance user experience by offering swift access to social icons or key actions, boosting conversions effectively.

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Why Use Floating Chat Buttons Widget?

Easy & Fast Communication

Make it simple and quick for customers to contact you through your website.

Increase Conversions

Speed up your visitor's decision-making process by chatting with them.

Increase Leads

Communicate useful information about your services and entice more visitors to convert.

Personalized Experience

Make your website visitors feel special and well cared for with personalization.

Better User Experience

Make users pleased by organizing a quicker and more personalized connection.

Support & Help Desk

Allow visitors to get in touch with you for assistance or additional information.

The quickest way for your audience to reach you

The Floating Chat Widget can help set up a pleasant communication tool that will make it simple for your audience to talk with you in all the popular communication channels easily. When they need, they’ll have the chance to start chatting with you on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, or any other communication method. 

Fully Customizable

Modify the colors to match your site’s look and feel.  Customize the text, icons, fonts and layout to make the widget look and work exactly like you want it too.

All-in-One Chat

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Stay easy to access for your audience


Guide Your Visitors to Take Action

The attention grabber effects will help you pique your audience’s interest in your website. The more attention your chat buttons grab the more likely they are to generate user engagement.









Responsive Controls

Take full control and show your audience only the specific channel of your choice on each specific screen resolution.

What Makes The Floating Chat Buttons Widget Special?

Eye-catching "Goo" Effect

Our Floating Chat Buttons Widget features a unique and eye-catching "goo" effect that adds a touch of interactivity and playfulness to your website. This captivating animation effect not only looks great but also grabs your visitors' attention, encouraging them to engage with your chat functionality.

Sequenced Animation

We understand the importance of making a lasting first impression. That's why our widget comes with a seamless and elegant opening animation. This subtle yet engaging sequence ensures that the chat button appears gracefully, making your website feel more welcoming and user-friendly.

Attention-Grabber Animation

To further capture your audience's attention, our widget offers an attention-grabbing animation when your visitors interact with it. This animation effect ensures that your chat feature doesn't go unnoticed, increasing the likelihood of user engagement.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

We believe in convenience and versatility, which is why our Floating Chat Buttons Widget supports click-to-chat functionality on multiple platforms. Whether your audience prefers Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or other popular messaging platforms, we've got you covered. 

Hover-Enabled Tooltips

Enhance user experience and provide clarity with our tooltip feature. When visitors hover over the chat button, a helpful tooltip appears, guiding them on how to start a conversation or providing additional context. It's a small but powerful feature that can make a big difference.

Advanced Styling Options

We understand that every website has its unique style and branding. With our advanced styling options, you have the flexibility to customize the widget's appearance to seamlessly integrate with your website's design. Choose colors, shapes, and styles that reflect your brand's identity.

Live Demo

Click the buttons in the corners to view them in acton.

  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • Skype
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  • Viber
  • Facebook
  • WeChat
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  • Phone
  • Mail
  • WhatsApp
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  • SnapChat
  • Line
  • Telegram
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Floating Chat Buttons Widget?
  • The Floating Chat Buttons Widget is a customizable tool that allows you to add chat functionality to your website. It provides visitors with an easy way to initiate conversations with your business or support team.
Can I customize the appearance of the chat buttons to match my website's design?

Yes, you can! Our widget comes with advanced styling options, allowing you to choose colors, shapes, and styles that align with your website's branding and design.

Does the widget support multiple messaging platforms?

Absolutely! Our Floating Chat Buttons Widget supports click-to-chat functionality on various platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. You can connect with your visitors through their preferred messaging apps.

Is there an animation feature with the widget?

Yes, our widget features a sequence opening animation and an attention-grabber animation, adding a touch of interactivity and engagement to your website.

Do I need technical expertise to use this widget?

No, you don't. We've designed the widget to be user-friendly and easy to install. However, if you encounter any issues, our support team is here to assist you.

Is there a tooltip feature for the chat buttons?

Yes, our widget includes hover-enabled tooltips. When visitors hover over the chat buttons, a tooltip appears to provide guidance or additional information, enhancing the user experience.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Floating Chat Buttons Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.