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How to create a Animated Christmas Snow Background Effect in Elementor

Christmas has always brought joy and delight to people. The falling snow around this time of year creates a warm feeling amongst everyone. This season is one of the best for generating revenue for e-commerce businesses and has a long history of success.

During this time of year, you can seen many websites using carefully crafted advertisements, background designs, and images to connect with their visitors and provide them with a festive feeling. Today we will talk about backgrounds as they are a powerful tool for making a website look more alluring and attractive.

The design of the background can affect the mood of your customers or visitors and help in boosting sales.

One of the most common and used effects used during the Christmas festive season and winters is the falling snow effect.

In this article, we will explore creating this Falling Snow Effect using Elementor and our Unlimited Elements Background-Widget.

Create a Snow Flakes Background in Elementor

Step 1.

Install Unlimited Elements Widgets Plugin

Step 2.

Go to Unlimited Elements > Background Widgets. You will find a list of free and pro versions of background widgets. We will use the Free Background Widget for this tutorial.

Step 3.

Go to Edit with Elementor and select the Section > Style Tab > Unlimited Background and select Simple Flakes from the Background Types and click Update to apply your animated snowflake effect.

You'r Done!

You have successfully created the Animated falling Snow Effect for your website without writing a line of code or using any premium plugin. Check out our free and Premium versions backgrounds widgets here.

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