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How to Increase Conversions with WhatsApp Chat Widget for Elementor?

WhatsApp has over 2.5 billion active users and over 100 million messages are exchanged on the platform on a daily basis. Beyond personal use, WhatsApp is an extremely effective way to communicate and build relationships with your customers. It’s easy to use, it’s much quicker than email and with the number of active users approaching 3 billion, it’s pretty universal. Here’s how you can use our WhatsApp Widget to get more leads on your website and increase your overall conversion rates.

Incorporate Personalized Customer Service

WhatsApp allows you to have much more personal communication with your users since you get to chat with them one on one and there’s a face behind the customer agent. 

Having a good customer care experience leads to loyal customers and an enhanced positive association with the brand. Our WhatsApp widget can help you get there faster. 

Another reason why communicating over WhatsApp has been so effective for many businesses is because WhatsApp has a much higher opening rate compared to emails.

Emails can often get lost in the process since most of us don’t check the email as frequently as we do WhatsApp. This is exactly why you have a much better chance of building a solid, lasting relationship with clients over WhatsApp than other similar platforms. 

The fact that it is so convenient and easy to use, is just an added bonus. 

Generate Traffic and Increase Engagement Through WhatsApp

As convenient as it is to communicate via WhatsApp, it is not the app’s only purpose. WhatsApp is also an effective way to let your users know about your current campaigns, direct them towards your blog, other social media or content.

With WhatsApp’s opening rates being so high, way more people are likely to see your content and ads if you share them through WhatsApp channels as opposed to other platforms. Through our WhatsApp widget, you can seamlessly integrate the app into your website and brand, appealing to users to communicate via the app instead of other channels. 

If you can manage to personalize the content to match the interests of specific clients even better! 

To increase engagement you can direct them towards relevant resources as well as personalize the ads that they get according to their interests and requests. It can be easily compared to newsletters we are used to getting via email but much more effective, simple and modern!

Share Catalogs with Users Through WhatsApp

According to WhatsApp itself, their catalog feature has been a major success, with over 40 million monthly users. While magazine-type catalogs are on their way to extinction, WhatsApp has modernized the concept to allow businesses to reach more people through their app.

You can use WhatsApp to display your catalog to a new demographic and let them know about your brand as well as your product. What’s special about this feature is that it also gives users a direct line to reach out to your business, as they scroll through your catalog.

Adding our WhatsApp widget to your website is another effective way to stay in touch with your users via WhatsApp, market your product and make sure that the right people can easily find your product or service and ways to make a purchase. Learn How to use catalog and collections on the WhatsApp Business app in the video below:

Make Customer Care More Efficient

While WhatsApp makes customer support more personable, it is also a very functional tool to incorporate into your system. With our WhatsApp widget, you can have separate customer care agents that users can select when reaching out to you through your website.  This feature makes it so that you don’t have to waste your client’s time by exchanging pleasantries with the general agent and then redirecting them to the one they actually need to be talking to. 

Unlimited Elements WhatsApp widget allows you to give your users an option to contact an agent that deals with the specific issues they are interested in – making the communication easier and quicker. Having this fast and helpful communication system will lead to an improved customer support experience with your clients and they will be much more likely to purchase from you and return to the website time and time again.

Hopefully this article gave you a better insight to all the ways that WhatsApp can help your brand grow and develop a more sustainable relationship with your users. All it takes for you to tie your website to your WhatsApp is our simple WhatsApp widget. If you have any additional questions regarding the widget, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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