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January Freebies! 🎈Elementor Typography Widgets

If you are here you probablly love Elementor as much as we do. Today we are introducing a new project which is called monthly freebies. Each month we will take one category from our widget library and make it free for the whole Elementor community, this is just our way of saying thanks. so what are you waiting for get them while they’re FREE!

This months freebies are from the Typography category. All you need to do to use them is download and install Unlimited Elements from the WP directory and you can use all the typography widgets available. 

Gradient Text for Elementor

Gradient Text

Type Writer Text for Elementor

Create Cool Pages

Text Rotator for Elementor

Welcome to my Awesome , Amazing , Responsive Website

3D Extrude Text Effect for Elementor

3D Text for Elementor

3d Text

Image Background Text Effect for Elementor

Cool Websites

Gradient Underline Text Effect for Elementor

Make Awesome Websites

Futuristic Typing Text for Elementor

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