Advanced Post Selection

The most extensive set of post selection options with unlimited possibilities

Advanced Post Selection

Post Source

Select the source for your posts output.

Custom Posts

Filter posts by the settings applied in Posts Query Section.

Manual Selection

Select the specific posts you want to display by name.

Related Posts

Show a list of posts related to the current viewed post.

Current Query Post

In an archive page display posts from a WordPress query.

Post Types

Choose the post type you want to display in your post widget.








Custom Post Types

You can select more than one post type since this is a multi select field.

Include By

A set of flexible options to determine which posts will be included in your query.

Include Sticky Posts

Posts which are configured as sticky will be included in the post list.

Get Only Sticky Posts

Show only posts which are configured as sticky posts.


Show posts related to a specific author or multiple authors.


Include posts by a predefined date range or a custom date range.

Post Parent

Show the children posts of any given post parent.

Post Meta

Use meta key to show posts assigned only to those keys.

Most Viewed

Show the most viewed posts by integrating with 'WordPress' popular posts plugin.

ID's from PHP function

Get post ID's array from a PHP function.

ID's from Post Meta

Get post ID's array from post meta.

ID's from Dynamic Field

Get post ID's array from a dynamic field.

Current Page Terms

Show posts with the same terms as the current page.

Include By Term

Show posts related to a specific taxonomy. 


Include By Terms Relation

This option is relevant only when more than one term is selected. If set to AND the post will need to be assigned both terms for example. If set to OR then it can be assigned to either terms.


Include Terms Children

Decide if to show children of a parent term in your selection.

Exclude By

Choose specific posts that you would like to exclude from your selection by adding rules.


Exclude posts assigned to a specific term. For example a category.

Current Post

Exclude the current post you are viewing from the selection.


Exclude posts assigned to a specific author or multiple authors.

Post Without Featured Image

Exclude posts that do not have a featured image assigned to them.

Posts with current category

Exclude posts from the current viewed category in your selection.

Posts with current tags

Exclude posts from the current viewed tag in your selection.


Show posts only from a certain number that you determine in a numeric field.

Avoid Duplicates

Skip duplicate posts from multiple post widgets displayed on the page.

ID's from Dynamic Field

Exclude posts by an array of ID's from a dynamic field.

Post Status

This setting allows you to select the post status for your post query. You can select by:




Pending Review









Max Posts

Set the number of maximum posts to display. 

Order By

This setting determines the order of the posts. You can order by diffrent variables such as:

You can also determine the Order By Direction in a descending or ascending order. 

Query ID

Give your Query a unique ID to be able and filter it in the server side using add_filter() function.

Query Debug

Advanced mode that will show the post query selection for debugging purposes.