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The Best Elementor Addons Pack You Will Find – Unlimited Elements

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Elementor is the most popular and feature-packed page builder for WordPress. However, if you want to extend the core plugin even further, you can find a wide variety of third-party add-ons for Elementor. Many of these add-ons are very specific but come with very limited features. Some of the addons provide several widgets, but they are limited in customizations and styling options. On the other hand, Unlimited Elements differentiates itself by providing a variety of dynamic features. Almost every need of your website can be met with its premade ready-to-use widgets and with many more options for customizing and styling.


We will now take a closer look at some of the features that make Unlimited Elements the best Elementor Addon Pack.

Cloud-Based Widget Library

You can find hundreds of widget library add-ons for the Elementor page builder. Some of them do have a number of ready-to-use widgets, but no one can provide a vast range of Widget Library as Unlimited Elements does. So here you can find plenty of widgets that can meet each of your website’s needs. Now you don’t have to install different addons for different widgets, you can find all of the useful premade widgets in one addon- the Unlimited Elements.

Visit Unlimited Element’s Widgets Library

Remote Control Widgets

Remote control widgets allow users to click on an element and it will affect other pre-set elements in any other widget. With Unlimited Elements, users can create remote control widgets for any Elementor website. This feature works well with carousels and sliders. You can simply enable the Remote Connect feature by choosing yes, and then you have to select a name for the widget connection that will be used by the other widgets to connect and control it. This helps users to easily create beautiful and unique layouts for carousels and sliders.

Visit the demo page of Remote Control Widgets

Sync Widgets

As Remote Control Widgets allow users to remotely connect different widgets in any Elementor website; Similarly Sync Widgets feature allows two or more widgets to be coordinated at the same time. Now, users don’t have to limit themselves to the most basic widget layouts, because with the help of this feature, users can create very impressive, advanced, and cool-looking designs very easily. This feature opens up countless possibilities for designing and laying out Elementor websites.

Visit the demo page of  Sync Widgets

Dynamic Loop Builder

Unlimited Elements Dynamic Loop Builder feature allows users to create dynamic loops from posts based on Elementor templates. You can easily create any dynamic loop of posts into a carousel, grid, tabs, accordion, or slider. You only have to create a single template with custom data fields and then create posts that will populate the loop. Now you can use a custom-designed template with any of the dynamic loop widgets. 

Visit the demo page of Dynamic Template Grid
Visit the demo page of Dynamic Template Carousel

Visit the demo page of Dynamic Template Tabs

Visit the demo page of Dynamic Template Slider
Visit the demo page of Dynamic Template Accordion

Widget Creator

In addition to the widgets and add-ons available for Elementor, what if you need a custom widget that is not available out of the box? That is where Unlimited Element’s revolutionary Custom Widget Creator comes in handy. So now you can create fully responsive, dynamic, and editable custom widgets on your own even without any coding knowledge. You just need to put your HTML, CSS, and JS in the places prescribed for each element in the widget creator; and your widget will be ready in no time with many customization options.

Visit the demo page of Widget Creator

High-End Template Library

Not only Unlimited Elements provides a widgets library but also comes with a super classy Elementor template kit designed originally with Unlimited Elements widgets. You can find an extensive range of elementor templates under the Unlimited Elements plugin tab on the WordPress dashboard page. You can select any of the given templates and then you can see the preview of this template. If you like any of the given templates you can either choose to add this template to the Elementor’s template directory or you can directly create a page with this template by choosing any name of your page. 

Take a look at stunning Template kits by Unlimited Elements

Animated Backgrounds

Unlimited Elements is also bundled with a unique and awesome background that you can download from the background widgets library with just a single click. Then you will find an Unlimited Background option under the Style tab of every section, here you can select any of the downloaded animated backgrounds to add to your section and that’s it. This is how easy it is to give an animated background to any section on your Elementor website with the help of Unlimited Elements. Two of our most popular background widgets are the Mask and Pattern Background and the Particles Background.

Visit the demo page of Animated Background Feature

Advanced Post Selection

Among the unique features of the addon is its ability to control posts. Using it, users can fully control the content they want to publish on the website. Unlimited Elements offers a wide range of post-selection options with unlimited possibilities. There are plenty of post-selection query options like post source, post types, include by, exclude by, post status, query id, etc. Each of these options includes a set of flexible options to include or exclude the posts in your query.

To know more about post query setting, please visit our article on Advanced Post Selection

Advanced Product Selection

Just like advanced post-selection, with Advanced Product Selection users can easily control the products they want to display on their Woocoomerce websites. User can easily filter their products based on product source, product status; can include or exclude the products with plenty of options in the product query. Users can also decide to show the product to a specific taxonomy using Include By Term option of Advanced Product Selection. Having this feature on the website is a boon for Woocommerce website designers because it allows filtered and selected products to be displayed on the website effortlessly.

Visit the demo page of Advanced Product Selection

On-Demand Asset Loading

On-demand, asset loading ensures that your pages are as light and fast as possible by loading only CSS or Javascript assets from only the widgets used to design them. Your web page loading speed depends vastly on how many assets are loading at the time. That’s why Unlimited Element has brought you a feature called On-demand Asset Loading. This will minimize the number of assets that are loaded while your webpage is loading. To improve the loading speed of your website, this feature is crucial, since only elements used in the construction of your page will be loaded.

Ajax Post Filters

The post widgets can be used together with several different AJAX filters. Currently, you can connect your post widgets to 3 different types of filters and more are coming soon: 

  1. Post Pagination 
  2. Tabs Filter 
  3. Load More / Infinite Scroll 

This unique approach of separating the widgets and allowing to connect between them gives users ultimate flexibility over layout and design.

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